Customer Reviews

"The amount of bruising and red discoloration on my arms has greatly diminished since I have been using the NOPURA body cream on a regular basis. I noticed improvement within just a few days of application. Although my condition was in no way a health problem it was very unsightly and troublesome. I will continue to use the cream daily and would highly recommend it to others who have this same skin condition"


~ J.S.   (76 year old male)



"Living in South Florida in winter and southern Europe in summer for more than 20 years and pursuing an active lifestyle, my skin has suffered considerable sun damage. I have also been obliged to take 81mg of aspirin on a daily basis for some 25 years, and this together with the damaging effects of constant sun has caused my arms and legs to bruise very easily and rapidly.

My dermatologist recommended that I moisturize my skin with NOPURA after showering. The results have been amazing. Not only has the occurrence of bruising been almost eliminated, but the texture of my skin has dramatically improved. What a remarkable product."


~ N.N.   (73 year old male)




"I have been dealing with acne since I was fourteen years of age. I have used countless products to improve or maintain my acne but not with gratifying results. Ever since 2009 I have been using the Molekul acne line. This is the only line that has kept my skin clear without any dryness or irritation which I had always experienced with other products in the past. I am truly grateful for Molekul and so is my skin"


~ S.C.  (42 year old female)



"I admit, I am a skincare junkie. I’ve been using Antiox since it was recommended to me 5 years ago. My skin seems to “drink” it. I try almost any skincare products suggested yet seldom purchase a second time. With MolekulAntiox this is not the case!"


~ BB  (48 year old female)




"I am a 45 years of age with combination skin. I have been using the Molekulanti-aging line for 2 years. The results are AMAZING! All my friends comment on I how fabulous my skin looks. The best part about this line is that it’s effective and simple to use."


~ M.V.  (45 year old female)